Did you watch the premiere episode of the much-hyped-about Beverly Hills 90210 on The CW?

We did. And… we weren’t as impressed as we had hoped to be. 

The show was noticeably inferior to Gossip Girl (we were hooked on that one from episode one!) although they seem to be attempting to follow in GG‘s Louboutin heels by giving Erin Silver – played by the pretty Jessica Stroup – the role of West Beverly High’s v-logging scandalmonger… albeit not-so-anonymously.

On to the reason why we even watched the show to begin with: Navid Shirazi, played by Michael Steger. It would have been perfect if they had chosen to a real Iranian to play the part. Nonetheless, we were curious about the intended overall image portrayal of the main cast’s only Persian character on the show (considering that even the maisons in Beverly Hills — and much of Greater-LA — have been dubbed “Persian Palaces” due to the intensely dominating Persian population there). And, naturally, we were slightly confused by the notion that Navid’s Dad is the world’s biggest “porn producer”.

Let’s see what else comes out about Navid’s background, because if his parents are both meant to be Iranian… then we highly doubt that a true Persian Princess would be willing to marry a porn-mogul. No matter how much of his money she’d be able to blow. After all, what would that do to her aaberoo/reputation?

We’ll give the show a C- for the time being.

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