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DC’s Real Top Chef: Interview with Chef Maziar Farivar of Peacock Cafe

DC’s Real Top Chef: Interview with Chef Maziar Farivar of Peacock Cafe

L: Mahee Doudy va Khaviar (Smoked Whitefish & Caviar on Sangak Toasts) Geoff Mottram, R: Chef Maziar Farivar

Have you ever wondered why there is such a lack of Persian Chefs in the culinary world?

We have.

So we searched and researched–sniffing around the global kitchen–and found our first five-star/diamond (in our opinion at least) Persian Chef in the US: Maziar Farivar, of Georgetown’s Prospect St.-treasure, Peacock Cafe.

Dubbed, “Peacock” for short by regulars, the atmosphere inside his restaurant feels warm and hospitable–like most Persian homes–but not intrusively so.

“When people walk through our doors, they become our guests.” Says the James Beard Foundation-acknowledged Farivar.

Being recognized by the prestigious James Beard Foundation, a non-profit and center of America’s culinary community–whose mission is to “celebrate, nurture, and preserve America’s diverse culinary heritage and future,”–is the ultimate honor to receive for American Chefs, yet Farivar, the man behind the DC-hot-spot has already been there twice; once as a member of the DC All-Stars Chefs team, and more recently as the featured Chef for the organization’s “Norouz: Persian New Year” event, where Farivar served a Norouz dinner to 75 guests/culinary industry elite. Read the full story

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