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“Culture of Iran” Book Series: Massoume Price Releases Four New Books


Massoume Price adds four new books to her Culture of Iran book series: Medieval Iran, Modern Iran (which cover Iranian history and art by using hundreds of images from objects in major museums in Iran and around the globe Continue Reading

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Remembrance: Flashmob in Paris in Support of 2-Year Anniversary of #IranElection

Arranged by United4Iran and Move4Iran–two non-profit organizations focusing on human rights issues in Iran–a flashmob dedicated to all the lives lost and all the courageous Iranians who stood up for their rights during the 2009 #IranElection, took place in a Paris, France metro station on June 12, 2011, to mark two year anniversary of Iran’s disputed election.

This artistic and powerful move was coordinated “to draw attention to the ongoing human rights abuses Iran’s citizens continue to face…The flashmob’s intent was to highlight sustained international support for the Iranian people and to encourage individuals worldwide, who are lucky enough to be afforded basic freedoms, to recommit support for Iran’s civil rights movement,” as described by the video’s creators.

“During the silent flashmob, participants wore green and froze, while silently holding the peace/victory sign (“V”) — both of which are symbols of Iran’s civil society movement. The flashmob also showed sustained support for the movement in Iran. The flashmob concluded with everyone unfreezing and raising their “V”s [and] quietly echoed the fact that despite Iran’s civil society seemingly forced into silence, the movement continues,” in addition to being a reminder to people the “risks Iranians face daily in exercising basic human rights and the total impossibility of being able to even organize a silent demonstration like the Paris flashmob.”

United4Iran.org is calling for others around the world who may be interested to “coordinate similar flashmobs in their own cities” and even are willing to help with “ideas or suggestions” on how to put together your own flashmob in support of the Iranian people.

If you are ready to compose your own flashmob contact info@united4iran.org, for more information and help.

Watch the inspiring video, below:


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Pushing Boundaries: Iranian Artist Taravat Talepasand Intrigues with her Work

Works by Taravat Talepasand: L to R, The Story of Shirin and Farhad (2006), Regal Splendour (2009)

She had us at first glance!

San Francisco-based Iranian-American artist, Taravat Talepasand, has the ability to create the kind of art that makes you incapable of passing by her pieces without feeling the need to stop and stare–trying to figure out what she’s trying to tell you.

Her aesthetic is not only provocative and sexy…It’s smart! Continue Reading

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Op-ed: Iran Elections, Cyber Warriors, and the Captain Midnight Incident

On April 27th, 1986, HBO’s scheduled programming was interrupted unexpectedly.  A message appeared saying, “Good Evening HBO, from Captain Midnight. $12.95/month? No Way [Showtime/Movie Channel Beware]”.  It is now referred to as the Captain Midnight Incident, when John R. MacDougall decided to protest increased television fees for satellite viewers.  He hijacked HBO’s signal and projected his message into millions of American homes.  The heavy-set Florida native is considered to be a pioneer ‘hacktivist’.  John blended activism with his technical abilities.

Iran’s election aftermath in June 2009 is actually related to the Captain Midnight Incident.  Using new technology as a tool of creative dissent connects these two events: one, being a mischievous prank, and the other, a revolutionary movement.  

It has been nearly a year since images of Iran’s Green Movement flooded Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube.  Social media sites and the internet were seen as the best avenues for information exchange and nothing more.  However, youth–both in Iran and around the world–spent days hacking and jamming Iranian government websites, state-controlled news outlets and communications networks.  The objective was to impede the operation of Iran’s security forces.  Outrage and urgency dominated forum discussions, where these ‘hacktivist’ cyber warriors discussed online targets and cyber weaponry.  One could easily sense the belief that cyber attacks could save Iranian lives.  This belief became reinforced after the death of Neda Agha-Soltan and countless other Green Movement demonstrators. 

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Iranian-American Man of the Year: Borzou Daragahi

Washington, DC–Marking the 30-year anniversary of the Islamic Republic’s existence and reign in Iran, the year 2009 went by…well, fast. The summer of 2009, not so much.

The Iranian election–which took the world by shock with its results and brutal force used on Iranian citizens by government-led orders–began in June and lasted throughout the summer: Most of which, we spent watching videos of our fellow Iranians in distress and under severe  and inhumane conditions. Seconds seemed like hours and hours seemed like seconds as we were entranced and lost in an intense phase of tweet-based news flowing out of Iran–much due to the effort of citizen journalists, social networking and micro-blogging sites–but one substantial and influential player in the game of reportage that needs to be credited is Pulitzer Prize-finalist Iranian-American journalist, and Persianesque Magazine’s “Man of the Year”: Borzou Daragahi.

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Fataneh Dadkhah: Balouchi Brides

Candlestar is delighted to present photographs by Iranian artist Fataneh Dadkhah.

Fataneh Dadkhah is a pioneer of stage-photography as an artistic discipline in Iran. She has documented the rebirth of Iranian theatre since the 1979 revolution, and in 1983 she published Theatre Photography, in association with the Dramatic Arts Centre in Iran. Since 2001 Dadkhah has travelled extensively inside and outside of Iran taking snapshots of her experiences, and has exhibited nationally and internationally.

The two photographs presented by Candlestar are part of Dadkhah’s beautiful Balouchi Bride series taken in Balouchestan, Iran, and can be commissioned exclusively from Candlestar as limited edition prints.

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