The Iranian-American community is standing united when it comes to the #IranDeal.Iranian-American actor and comedian, Maz Jobrani exclusively tells us about his initial reaction when sought out to lend his name to this unifying effort: “I was pleasantly surprised that a group of Iranian-Americans were organizing this effort. I’m always surprised when I’m called for such serious issues, but happy to be a part of it!

“It is important as Iranian-Americans to realize that our voices count and we need to be heard. I’m always a proponent of diplomacy over war.” So, will this mean that he’ll be set to perform anytime soon? “I think there would have to be a lot more freedom of speech and press in Iran before I would be allowed to perform there.”
Here’s the open letter posted on supportpeace.orgcompiled and signed by Iranian-American entrepreneurs, artists, and scientists calling for Americans and Iranians to support peace through diplomacy, with Iran.

Dear fellow Americans,

We are Americans of Iranian descent.  Like all Americans, we’re proud of our great country, and we vigorously defend the U.S. ideals of freedom and opportunity. We’ve worked together to make this the best country in the world.

Like all Americans, we represent every color on the political and religious spectrum, and we often disagree. But we agree on one thing: that solving problems through communication is better for the world than conflict. In the past few decades, wars have cost Americans thousands of lives and trillions of dollars, and conflict has persisted. When we achieve America’s goals through diplomacy instead of war, we all win.

Our message is about people, not politics.

Diplomacy with Iran has the potential to do much more than prevent a war. It provides an opportunity for engagement between cultures, people, and ideas. It creates a chance for Americans and Iranians to create a brighter future that benefits all of our children.

While the government of Iran and the governments of the West have had profound differences, the people of Iran have a long history of tolerance, hospitality, creativity, and innovation that predates modern governments and religions — and these are values that Americans share. The people of Iran want peace, prosperity, and the pursuit of happiness just as much as Americans do.

We urge you, our fellow Americans, to show your desire for peace and prosperity by supporting the recent agreement among the U.S., Iran, and other major world powers. Join us in embracing this unique opportunity for Americans and Iranians to connect.  Let’s make history.

To share this with your network and show your support for this effort, please visit: and sign your name.