Comedian K-von has a father from the Middle-East and a mother from Middle-America, leaving him…Somewhere in-between.

And in his new one-hour comedy special, “Tanx God”, he entertains with his multicultural knowledge and delivers the laughter.

“Naturally, I feel I can talk about the funny aspects of those cultures clashing, better than anyone,” the half-Persian, half-American funny man quips.

“I was on tour with Maz Jobrani for a couple years and then toured on my own for two more perfecting these jokes,” says K-von. “It was time to record [this special] and share it with people in cities and countries I haven’t even been to.  One can only travel so much without losing their mind.  Now with this comedy special, I’m able to be in more than one place at a time making people laugh.”

The video is rated PG which allows anyone to watch. It’s hard to find a comedy special these days appropriate for the whole family, but this is one you can enjoy with your grandmother in the room.”

“Tanx God” was filmed at the Irvine Improv in Orange County, California, shortly after Norooz, where the stage was set up as an “intimate living room with a Persian carpet, fishbowl, sabzeh, chandelier, and an over the top decorative chair”.

“The night of the show,” continues K-von, “we had kids as young as 9 years old and a someone as old as 90. We also had a diverse cultural audience. You’d would be shocked how many other non-Middle-Eastern people pulled me aside afterwards and said: ‘My family was just like that too!’.”

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Check out our quick chat with the funny comedian whose bicultural humor will resonate with you, regardless of your background.


Who would this DVD be good for, as a gift? I think everyone should get a copy for the holidays, the end of ‘regular’ New year, and the start of Persian New Year.  It’s the first ever 1/2 Persian 1/2 American comedy special which makes it a pretty unique gift.  And since it just came out about a week ago, it’s the perfect idea to give to the wealthy family that already has everything.  Unless they’d like to buy/adopt me and I’ll just live with them and perform it live. Ages 9-99.  My one requirement is please please please realize that I am speaking English in 95% of the time on this one!

Why the title “Tanx God”? What I love about the title is you don’t even have to watch the special to know it’s going to be funny.  “Tanx God!” gives a positive vibe, no matter what culture you are.  And when you watch the special, that term becomes one of the most memorable jokes as well.  For a year on tour people would come up to me after the show (or even write me 4 months later) saying, “My family keeps saying Tanx God! now and laughing about it.” It just made sense to make that the title.

What was the best lesson you learned while making the special? I realized how fun it is.  In fact, right away I started working on my new hour special so I can have some surprises for you all.  My next one will dig into topics like dating, going away to college. And you probably don’t want to watch that one with your grandma in the room!

What did you enjoy about making this video? I was selling some very popular t-shirts for the last 4 years.  At every show people would crowd the merchandise table and want one.  But now, I have something fun, fresh, and new to offer them.  And while just anybody can make a funny t-shirt, this video is something I feel most proud of so far. I like that everything you see on the DVD I was involved with.  In a big multi-million dollar movie the main actor doesn’t have anything to do with the design of the disc, or what they are wearing.  However, with the help of a few close friends, I was involved with every step of the production process. When you watch the DVD, check out the “bonus features”.  There are even more surprises for you there.

Why do you think audiences will love it? Because if they don’t, I will cry.  Do you know how hard it is to make Persian men laugh?!  If I get them to even smile that would be a standing ovation at a regular show.  LOL!